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How to Login to Qmail Admin

How to Login to Qmail Admin

To login to your email administration site, go to:

On the login page, you will need to have the following items:

  • User Account
  • Domain Name
  • Password

User Account is ALWAYS "postmaster" if you are managing all email accounts.

Domain Name is the name of your site's domain without the 'http' or 'www' prefix. For example, if the address of your domain is, then your domain name is "" without the quotes. The domain name for would be "".

Password is the "postmaster" password that is given to you by a OneEach employee after your domain has been added the one of our email servers. NOTE: Do not give this out to everyone as it provides access to ALL email accounts setup for your organization.

Once you have entered the applicable information, click "Login".

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